Our Mission

  • To inculcate thrift and scrupulous behaviour at various levels, and to bring transparency in governance by functioning as an active pressure group and conscience-keeper of the Society at large.

Our Belief

  • Co-operation between like minded people and organisations.
  • Building thrift and conscientious behaviour in people's mind to avoid affluent expenditure.

Our Objectives

  • To bring transparency in governance and eradicate corruption by using the RTI Act 2005 extensively.
  • To take steps to ensure that the citizens have an acceptable level of services, such as public transport, equitable water supply, proper management / handling of MSW, good health and clean environment.
  • To improve the quality of life of every citizen.
  • To prevent wasteful expenditure in society  -  both public & private  -   at the local and national levels.

Our Strategy

  • To be assiduously apolitical.
  • To build a membership of experienced senior corporate executives, professionals, social workers, retired defence officers & civil servants, etc. with a good record and public orientation.
  • To ensure that all proposals taken up by the Manch are within the four corners of the law and are ethical.
  • To carry out detailed studies on every issue that the Manch takes up to understand its social, political, technical, economic and financial implications.
  • To use any or all means - be it arbitration, negotiation, lobbying, activism, pressure group, courts etc. - to deliver on the purpose of the Manch.
  • To seek the co-operation of like-minded persons & organizations (including the media) to lend force to issues that the Manch addresses.
  • To act as catalysts with other NGOs for implementation and achieving the objectives of our Mission.
  • To raise the level of awareness / affirmative action by the public at large on matters that affect the long-term quality of human life & welfare.
  • To ensure a safe, clean, green, hygienic environment within the country and more particularly under PMC & PCMC jurisdiction.