Discussions & Interactions

 The Manch has been inviting the Commissioners of Police and of PMC every year to address the members. The functions have always evoked excellent response. We have not called the past three municipal commissioners because of lack of response from them towards NGOs.
  • On 12th June 2015, the Manch arranged a presentation by Prof. Pratap Rawal, a highly qualified Town Planner who research areas cover Sustainability, Urban & Regional Development, Planning and Infrastructure as well as Strategic Environmental Assessment. He proceeded to de-mystify the crisis in Pune?s Draft Development Plan 2007-2027 and the way forward.
  • NCM organised an interaction with Mr. Satish Mathur, Police Commissioner on 12th November 2014. Mr. Sarang Awad, DCP Traffic and Mr. Solunke, Additional CP Crime accompanied him. Discussion covered traffic issues, security issues, methods to decrease crime figures, training of police personnel amongst wide ranging topics.
  • The Manch organised a Panel Discussion on the Garbage Conundrum on 4 August 2012. There was representation from PMC, MPCB and Ranjai (a NGO). The discussion was very lively. There was marginal improvement in the working of the PMC towards segregating the garbage at source as per the orders of the Central and State Governments and the Supreme Court. It was the best-attended events of the Manch with an attendance of over 250 persons.
  • We have been monitoring the implementation of MSW Management and Handling Rules, 2000 and find that there is much to be desired. PMC has set up plants, which accept mixed garbage with the result that there is no incentive either to the citizens to segregate garbage at source as per existing instructions or for the PMC to implement segregation. The result is that mixed garbage is being used and the by products mainly Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and manure, both of which are contaminated. This is because PMC is not ensuring segregation of even hazardous materials from MSW (Municipal Solid Waste). Both major plants of PMC (Hanjer and Rochem) suffer from this drawback. Rochem is worse because it is located within 100 meters of residential area and has not been planned as an integral part of the landfill site as mandated in the MSW M&H Rules, 2000. The Manch has handed over the matter of illegalities in Rochem plant causing a loss to the PMC of over ?. 10 crores so far. The main illegality is that the plants do not have ?consent under the Air Act and the Water Act. Further, the PMC pays ? 300 or more per tonne of MSW accepted by the private parties. This is where all the trouble lies because PMC's incentive is not to segregate at source so that the private parties get more MSW and hence more the so-called 'tipping fee'.
  • Mr. Abhay Firodia addressed NCM members on 11 August 2011 on Jan Lokpal Bill and Anna Hazare movement.
  • The Manch organised a panel discussion on "24/7 water - a myth or a reality" on 7 June 2012. It was a very live issue and the audience gathered in large numbers, interacted profusely with the panel members.
  • The Manch organised a seminar on "Ethics and Values towards Good Governance" on 30 March 2008. It was one of the best-attended events of the Manch with an attendance of over 220 persons.
  • The Manch conducted a workshop in September 2001 for the engineers of PMC on construction and repairs of roads including the norms for speed breakers etc.
  • The Manch conducted a seminar on Earthquake Relief & Rescue Plan on 4 March 2001.