Activities, Achievements & Impact
  • Comprehensive Transport Policy

     The Manch has played a proactive role in finalising the note on Comprehensive Transport Policy for Pune Municipal Corporation. One member of the Manch was a member of the committee for its preparation. The General Body of PMC has approved the policy document.

  • Traffic Advisory Committee of Pune Police

     The Manch has representation on the Traffic Advisory Committee of Pune Police.

  • Comprehensive Mobility Plan

     The Manch is also part of a committee formed by the PMC for preparing a comprehensive mobility plan (CMP) for PMR. Wilbur Smith Associates has prepared the CMP on behalf of IL&FS. After WSA finalised the CMP, the GB formed a committee in 2008 of a member each from the representative political parties to consider it, which failed to do so. The Commissioner then again placed the policy document before the general body of the PMC for approval in 2012 and the GB approved it in May 2012 with a proviso that all projects sanctioned by the GB would form part of the CMP. NCM views this as a negation of the CMP prepared by world-renowned experts and considers that there is no clear approval to the CMP.

  • Steering Committee for Preparation of Development Plan 2007

     A member from the Manch is on the steering committee for preparation of Development Plan 2007 and is the convenor of its traffic & transportation sub-committee. The PMC is yet to finalise the DP. NCM had recommended that the draft DP be scrapped because it had not followed the laws of the land but mostly catered to the requirements of various lobbies with active connivance of councillors. The State Government has now cancelled the DP and a formed a Committee to finalise it. The PMC is in the process of challenging the decision of the State Government in High Court.


    For details refer to NCM’s recommendations, papers, correspondence & opinions in the press on the NCM link under related subjects